Krakatau: Summer!

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Krakatau: Summer!

Post by Zinnia on Thu Jul 02, 2015 6:42 pm


After a semi-delay because of the intense heat nearly burning up my computer... the summer event, and the first event on Krakatau is here! Although on the island it's practically summer all year, right now is a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beach!

Although right now it's just getting started, you can go ahead and visit the Eastern Beach (credits over to little-fang on dA!), and there'll be plenty more to come as the event goes on!

Current event schedule:
July 2-3 - The event has been set up!
July 4th - Fireworks fill the sky! The official event contest and tier threads have been opened!
September 1st - The event is over

It is planned to change a tad bit as things keep going, so keep looking forward!

There's going to be more information on the contest and tier thread later, but for a quick summary...

The contest is quite self-explanatory, by participating in the event you can win deltas, art, poses, etc.
The tier thread will unlock new event 'goodies' as the thread gets more posts, so it's a fun little way to chat with others while also delving into the event.

Happy summer everyone!

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